New Home


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Building a new home is very exciting, but at times it can be daunting and stressful.

The key to an easy experience is clear decision making, good design and proper planning.

We will help you materialise your vision by assessing your property, as we understand the constraints and legislation. We will listen to your requirements, accommodate your style, design your home and select suitable materials and colours that reflect you.


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As with most developments, there are two ways to get an approval for a new home.

  1. Development Application through your local council. This is the traditional method. Please see your local council LEP or DCP for compliance requirements or talk to your Town Planner for futher advice.
  2. Complying Development Approval - Through council or a Private Certifier. This is the faster approach. See the table below for general requirements.
Compliance Table for New Homes through CDC


  1. Call us to chat. We’d like to find out about your requirements and your property.
  2. Send over any documentation eg 10.7 Certificate (Formerly 149 certificate), Title Search, Sewer Diagram (or your purchase contract which contains all documents required for assessment). We will perform a desktop assessment and give you some feedback.
  3. A site inspection will be arranged to visit the property to see the physical characteristics.
  4. A preliminary tender will be provided and adjusted to accommodate for further upgrades and/or variations
  5. Select your design (or we can custom design for you). Adjustments to existing designs can be made.
  6. Building Contract Prepared and Signed
  7. Plans and other documentation prepared and approved
  8. Construction Commences