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A Duplex Is A Great Option For Increased Equity, Positive Cashflow & Extended Family Living...

At Duplexity, we offer a turn key experience managing the design, approval and construction of your duplex - No Stress!!  FAST TRACK APPROVALS are our specialty, meaning your Duplex will be approved in WEEKS, NOT MONTHS! Single and double storey and/or corner block duplex designs are available with a range of facades, or we can custom design for you.


A duplex is a home that is attached to another home sharing a common wall in a semi-detached style. Both face the street and can be either single or double storey.

They can be designed to be identical in layout and style or varied to create individuality.

Duplexes are most suitable to blocks that are both wider and deeper. An ideal lot width is 15m, which will allow for a single car garage facing the street. If your block is only 12m wide and has a rear laneway, then garaging can be located in the rear, resulting in a wider building. If a double garage is required, then a block width of 25m is ideal.



Duplexes are built primarily for financial gain, increased equity and positive cashflow. They are a brilliant solution for extended family living.
Ultimately, it's about expanding your choices and improving your lifestyle.

Beneficial reasons to build a duplex:

  • Reduce your mortgage by living in one side, while renting out the other.
  • Build to sell either one or both sides for profit.
  • Keep your family close by - Your parents or children can live in one side while you live in the other.
  • Increase the equity in your property.
  • Create positive cashflow.
Arriving home to duplex


Our duplex designs are created to fit different types of blocks and area / family requirements.

Available are single storey, double storey and corner block designs, for various block sizes and widths. Custom designs are also available.

Our plans factor in functional design and lifestyle elements.

Here are some examples:


Topaz Duplex
Duplex 4 bed 2.5 bath 1 car

Corner Block Design - View Plan... 

Avalon Duplex
Duplex 4 bed 2.5 bath 1 car


There are two paths for Duplex approval:


Council Development Application (D.A) - This is a formal request for consent to carry out a proposed development through local council. To check if a duplex is permissable on your property, please check with your council town planner or a private town planner. This is the traditional D.A. approval process.


Complying Development - This is a fast track approval process for straightforward residential, commercial and industrial development. If the application meets specific criteria, it can be determined by council or an accredited certifier.

The Fast Track approval process requires that your property and proposed development meets the set criteria (determined by the Low Rise Medium Density Housing Code).

Some requirements are (but not limited to the list on the right):

Duplex Compliance Table CDC


  1. Call us to chat. We’d like to find out about your requirements and your property.
  2. Send over any documentation, e.g. 10.7 Certificate (Formerly 149 certificate), Title Search, Sewer Diagram (or your purchase contract which contains all documents required for assessment). We will perform a desktop assessment and give you some feedback.
  3. A site inspection will be arranged to visit the property to see the physical characteristics.
  4. A preliminary tender will be provided and adjusted to accommodate for further upgrades and/or variations
  5. Select your design (or we can custom design for you). Adjustments to existing designs can be made.
  6. Building contract prepared and signed
  7. Plans and other documentation prepared and approved
  8. Construction commences


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